Sevil founded Jozalle in 2019. After completing her MSc. in Health Sciences, she cut her Ph.D. program short and went all-in on creating a candle at the crossroads of wellness, eco-consciousness, and luxury.

A lifetime candle enthusiast, Sevil always found herself with puddles of wasted wax from her favorite pillars. On an inspired whim, she began experimenting and repurposing her candle scraps. What started as a hobby quickly grew into an obsession with aromatherapy and candle-making. While delighted to find that there were sustainable and conscious options on the market, there still seemed to be an element of luxury missing.

She started to wonder if the perfect candle actually existed…“How good would it be to have an all-around feel-good candle?” And from that moment of curiosity, inspiration, and epiphany...Jozalle was born.

Sevil now spends her days working on creative, marketing, and product development for Jozalle, shooting campaigns, spending time with family, and working on some sort activity or art (current passions are drawing and horseback riding).